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Vehicles we brought from Estonia to the front lines


Generators we brought into Ukraine


Drones we helped bring into Ukraine

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We are members of the LIFT99 startup community and citizens of Ukraine & Estonia. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, we have been on a mission to support the Ukrainian army and people. As part of the larger NAFO community, we established the 69th Sniffing Brigade Fund which works tirelessly in pursuit of Ukraine's inevitable victory by organising, fundraising, and delivering support to the front lines.

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Help Starsky Unit receive 3 trucks for the protection of Ukrainian Sky. We are starting a new fundraising campaign for the 4th Brigade of National Guard trucks.

Get your printed art

Help us send another convoy of trucks to Ukraine and get your choice of original ART print.

Our Merch is here to fund the Freedom Convoy

Convoy 16 got to Kyiv

13 trucks delivered directly to soldiers from various units including Kraken, 3rd Assault Brigade, Azov, 80th Brigade, 79ер Brigade, 53rd Brigade, and 4th Brigade, as they receive 13 cars and trucks in Kyiv.


Artur Rehi Joins the Freedom Convoy

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Estonian angel investor sending aid convoys to Ukraine: This is personal

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Benefactors handed over 14 vehicles to the soldiers of the Armed Forces on the front line

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Interview about Convoy 14

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Our story

February 24th. It's a day we were all woken up at 5 a.m. by the terrifying sounds of explosions. The bangs were followed by buzzing and ringing sounds – calls from our loved ones. Our team at LIFT99 Kyiv had been discussing and preparing but mostly fearing this moment.We had a van parked by the hub, getaway bags packed and ready to go. By 6 o'clock, we were all in front of LIFT99. It was then the dreadful sound of sirens started, echoing through the air as if we were in a WW2 movie, warning us to head to a shelter. Most of the team, Tanya, Katya, Anton and Khristina, our dog Nunnu and 4 of our hub members, hit the road and drove west, saying goodbye to Zeina, who decided to stay in Kyiv with her family.While things escalated fast, the time seemed to pass in slow-motion, everyone frantically following the catastrophic events unfolding around the country. The next day, heartbroken and angry but full of desire to help, one thing was clear – we must take action.So here we are. Fundraising for our army. Coordinating different projects: cyber, financial, governmental, between Estonian and Ukrainian founders. We are collecting funds to provide protection gear, aid, food to Kyiv's territorial defenders. We're setting up a project carried out by us and our members abroad who are ready to buy and transport these supplies. We are collecting information and connecting our members who can help each other.

Our Initiatives

Since the beginning of the full scale invasion, our team have worked on more than 40 projects, here are our active initiatives which you can support. Check out our full list of initiatives.

Kherson Cat patches campaign

We are starting a new fundraising campaign for the Special counter-intelligence unit of the Security Service of Ukraine and for 1 ambulance truck for Estonian volunteers.
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Printed art

Help Ukraine, buy art. Help us send another convoy of trucks to Ukraine and get your choice of original ART print.
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Adopt a Drone

Adopt A Drone Fund it. Name it. And we'll deliver it to the Ukrainian Army.
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NFT project

By buying these NFTs, you contribute to our mission: to buy a demining car.
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Rebuilding houses

Rebuilding Hope. Help Restore Homes for Families who cant afford to rebuild what the Russians destroyed.
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