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Possible donations:

From 100: 1 patch.
From 200: 2 patches.
From 1,000: 2 patches + your text on the vehicle (max 3-4 short words, max 30 characters.)
From 10,000: 2 patches + your text on the vehicle + trip to Kyiv + Flag with Azov fighters autographs.

Step 1:
Make your donation.
Step 2: Request the patch by filling this form.
Step 3: we will deliver your Patches anywhere in the world.

All patches will be delivered anywhere in the world.

For additional information please write to

The following form must be completed in order to receive your patches:

Request a Patch After Making a Donation

About the campaign

Together with Gandelf, the 69th Sniffing Brigade has issued a limited number of patches "Vatnik will not pass."

The proceeds from the patches will be used to purchase two trucks for the Azov regiment. And you are in a position to be of significant assistance to it. Possibly even handing over the keys to the car to the legendary soldiers who utilized Azov steel in battle.

Ukrainian Flag with Azov fighters autographs

Among the participants in our collection of vehicles for Gandalf, we will include the Ukrainian Flag with the signatures of the Azov Regiment. This award will be drawn live on our YouTube channel, and the winner's name will be printed on a Ukrainian flag bearing the signatures of Azov troops.

NAFO Freedom Convoys

More than 120 cars have been transferred to the defenders of Ukraine as of this point in time. It is quite challenging to express the mood that prevailed throughout the convoy. In all honesty, you can only experience it for yourself. On the other hand, we have produced a video that provides a rough overview of this journey:

You and the NAFO 69th Sniffing Brigade are going to Kyiv

Join the ranks of our brigade's drivers and travel to Kyiv with us if you really want to have an idea of how the money raised through donations is spent. You literally sit behind the wheel of a car, steering the same car for which you paid money in shifts. What is even more important - you will personally hand over the car to the boys of Azov and you will be able to communicate with them, ask questions and even exchange contacts. It's a common thing when our drivers become pen pals with fighters.

How much will it cost?

The price of a truck will run us about 13,000 euros on average. Therefore, if you make a donation of 10,000 euros, you will have the opportunity to come along on our journey and see the depth of our assistance to Ukraine.

At the beginning of February, you will travel with us from Tallinn to Kyiv. We will spend two nights in Kyiv. You will personally meet with the Azov fighters and hand them the truck on which your message will be printed. Then we take the train back to Warsaw.

Results so far:

War goes on, and becomes more bloodier. A pickup truck's typical lifetime is three weeks. On the other hand, having access to a vehicle is essential, because they help bring injured people from the frontline to the hospital. We are continuously shown images of the frontline showing how the troops are still fighting on old “Ladas” from the 1970s and 1980s.

Everyone who participates in the fundraiser, will get a NAFO "SECRET BioLabs" patches of limited edition. Supporters will have the opportunity to have their words printed on the donated car.
The most generous contributors will get the unique chance to have their words inscribed on the donated vehicle.

🎄📨 EXTRA: Christmas cards for Ukrainian soldiers. 

Everyone who makes a donation can send a text for a Christmas postcard. Volunteers in Tallinn will decorate beautifully in your native language and attach a Ukrainian translation to each postcard. 
The main task of the NAFO operation "SECRET BioLabs" is to turn the situation on the left photo into a situation on the right one!

69th Sniffing Brigade has a secret network in different 26 countries: