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Independence Price
by Dimitri Nasennik
Made In Darkness
by Olga Morozova
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About the campaign

Ukrainian success in resisting the Russian invasion counts on the mobility of its troops on the battlefield. Whether moving supplies to men in the frontline trenches, taking special forces for strikes behind enemy lines, or rushing wounded soldiers for life-saving treatment, these trucks fill a crucial need.  Not every transport can be a heavy armoured vehicle, and sometimes the size and speed of a light truck are just what is needed.
To fill this urgent need, and the NAFO fellas have raised funds from donors like yourself to purchase, equip, and drive to Ukraine over 140 trucks in 12 convoys so far.  With the next convoy leaving March 29th, we are working hard to raise funds for this trip.  

As a token of gratitude for your support, we have made a limited run of prints of original art from artists intimately connected to events from this war.  Suitable for framing, each tells a heartfelt story that celebrates the resilience of humanity in the face of suffering.

Who is getting the truck?

Medical corps of 79th Airborne Assault Brigade

The artworks:

Made In Darkness:

This artwork was made by Kyiv native Olga Morozova. She has continued to call Kyiv her home throughout this conflict, despite opportunities to leave her beloved Ukraine for safer places. Creating art has been her passion and purpose since she was a child, and her job teaching art to students has continued throughout this conflict. The classes are sometimes interrupted by missile attacks, and Olga and the students are forced to head down into the subways to continue their practice. During a terrible stretch of these raids, the city was without power for long days at a time, and it was during this period that she created her “Made In Darkness” series of pastel works. Working by candlelight, she captured the very candles that lit those black nights, and in doing so, she brought forth the light from that dark time.

Independence Price:

This work was made by Dimitri Nasennik. His Grandma lives in Ukraine, and he has been going there since he was a small kid. The home village of his grandmother was occupied by the Russians, and later the Ukrainians liberated it.  He wanted to show how the regaining of their lands affected the Ukrainian people. The territory occupied by Russia was equivalent to a quarter of France or the whole of Florida. Ukraine is paying a high price for reclaiming its stolen land: the “Independence Price”.

The Artists:

Olga Morozova: 

Olga Morozova, Ukrainian painter, was born in Kyiv in 1972. In 1998 she received a master’s degree in painting from the National Academy of Arts and Architecture. She has more than twenty personal and more than half a hundred group exhibitions and international projects. In 2019 she represented Ukraine in Dubai at the exhibition «Women Artists from 100 Countries», in 2022 she took part in the exhibition of Ukrainian artists as part of the Venice Biennale. In December 2022 she was representing Ukraine at the Asian Art Bienniale Bangladesh.

Olga Morozova consciously chose the Fauvist palette. Since then, all her work is a life in active colorism. Mysterious fusion with nature gives rise to sublime energy. Her craftswoman gives the canvas. Immaculately possessing the gift of immediately seeing color tone, the author boldly layers the color plans of the composition. The powerful temperament of an outwardly fragile woman is embodied in the graphic focus on the motif, in expressive and improvisational writing, in ornamental and decorative solutions. In her works there is a sensual Dionysianism, sincerity, which is wonderfully combined with the author’s manner of painting.

Olga’s paintings are impressive, like stained glass windows, and create a luminous aura around them.

Dimitri Nasennik: 

Dimitri is an Estonian artist with Ukrainian roots. He is also part of the Help99 team. Much of his art takes its inspirations from his studies in civil engineering.

He enjoys incorporating paint into various materials. Dimitri claims that many ideas come to him while jogging.

Help99 and NAFO fellas 

138 vehicles have been transferred to the defenders of Ukraine as of this point in time by our organization. Purchasing, preparing, and delivering the pickups all involve a significant amount of effort. You may get an idea of what our trip to Kyiv was like by watching the video:

Everyone who participates in the fundraiser, will get a NAFO "SECRET BioLabs" patches of limited edition. Supporters will have the opportunity to have their words printed on the donated car.
The most generous contributors will get the unique chance to have their words inscribed on the donated vehicle.

🎄📨 EXTRA: Christmas cards for Ukrainian soldiers. 

Everyone who makes a donation can send a text for a Christmas postcard. Volunteers in Tallinn will decorate beautifully in your native language and attach a Ukrainian translation to each postcard. 
The main task of the NAFO operation "SECRET BioLabs" is to turn the situation on the left photo into a situation on the right one!
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